Thank you for the clothing items I received from  your facility. I am making good use of these items and little by little day by day making the adjustments to my new life outside of prison.  MC

Thank you for all you do for inmates and other people. Personally speaking y’all give me hope. I smile everyday to know I have wonderful clothing that will get me through my day. Your staff is awesome. The brother/sisterhood is so powerful within an entity that truly cares. I pray that God continue to bless your organization, your contributors, your families and your love. ME

I want to thank you for all the clothes you gave me. Your gift is greatly appreciated and has helped in my job searches. And a special thanks to (volunteer) for taking the time to help me! Thank you all! GM

I want to thank you for your support in establishing me back into the community. Thank you for the essential items that you guys provided me with. God Bless the donors, volunteers, and Bridges to Hope for the amazing support.  MA